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Version: 12.0

New Features in ADOGRC 12.0

The BOC Group is pleased to announce that ADOGRC 12.0 has been released. This release consolidates features of previous versions and adds fixes and improvements.

Support for ADONIS 15.0

ADOGRC 12.0 now supports ADONIS 15.0. For new features offered in this version, please refer to the ADONIS 15.0 What's New page

Additionally ADOGRC 12.0 consolidates all features previously made available in ADOGRC 11.1 and 11.2, giving you the latest and best experience as outlined below:

Consistent Columns in the Insights Dashboard Tabular Editor

Many widgets on the Insights Dashboard allow displaying their data in a tabular view. A tabular view expands the widget to offer more space and therefore improves visibility of your data. To make better use of the additional space we now do not simply display the same columns as in the widget but instead show you all columns you are used to from the "My Dashboard" views. This gives you a familiar look and should allow you to drill down quicker to the data you want to see. The configuration for the "My Dashboard" views is still the same in the Administration Toolkit, but now also applies to tabular views opened from the Insights dashboard, giving you a consistent experience no matter which dashboard you are currently using.

Consistent Columns

Control Testing Insights Shortcut to Tabular View

The chart for the Control Testing Insights now contains a convenient button to directly open the data in a tabular view. So far, only widgets with data presented in a table had the option to open a large tabular view for better visibility and working with columns and sorting. Now, if you are interested in the details of the data displayed in the Control Testing Chart, it is just a button click away.

Control Testing Insights Tabular View

New Dashboard for the Read & Explore Scenario

ADOGRC has extended the available dashboards in the Read & Explore scenario for more object types. There are now dashboards for Controle Execution, Control Testing and Risk Assessment. You can access these dashboards via the Analysis button on the main toolbar.

Read & Explore New Dashboards

The new dashboards offer the same quick access to your important data like you are already used to for Risks and Controls.