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Version: 12.1

New Features in ADOGRC 12.1

The BOC Group is pleased to announce that ADOGRC 12.1 has been released. This is a minor feature update for ADOGRC 12.0, which offers new configuration and customizing options, as well as bug fixes and other improvements:

New visualization option for insights

The name of objects displayed on the ADOGRC Insights dashboard can now be configured to show either just the name of the object (this is the default setting) or additional information, such as the version number of the asset.

New options for the creation of ADOGRC classes

ADOGRC guides the user through the steps of creating risk assessments, control tests and control executions by default. When creating these objects ADOGRC will let you directly assign the new object to a control / risk and then move the new object automatically to the related control / risk in the folder hierarchy. If you prefer to do this manually, there are now options to turn off these features.

The configuration options mentioned above can be enabled when performing a release upgrade and may require additional specification and implementation efforts.