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Version: 12.2

New Features in ADOGRC 12.2

The BOC Group is pleased to announce that ADOGRC 12.2 has been released. This is a minor feature update for ADOGRC 12.0, which is the latest version of our software.

In addition to bug fixes, ADOGRC 12.2 offers new configuration and customizing options.

Option to add more object types to your ADOGRC scenario overview

Currently ADOGRC already offers a convenient overview for all your ADOGRC objects right on the ADOGRC scenario start page. But what if your methodology requires additional object types which are not part of this overview per default? Now it is possible to accomodate these often very specific methods employed by our users by adding additional object types to the ADOGRC scenario start page. This way you get the same great overview you are used to but now with all object types you need in your methods.

Highlight required attributes when creating objects

When creating new objects every customer has their own set of rules which attributes must be filled out initially and which can be filled later in the process. With this new feature it is possible to highlight those mandatory attributes with a special mark to signal the user that they have to fill out these fields in order to finish creating this object. This can be defined separately for all ADOGRC object types and is a great help when onboarding new users as well as a visual reminder for experienced users.

The configuration options mentioned above can be enabled when performing a release upgrade and may require additional specification and implementation efforts.