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Version : 13.0

Install Apache Tomcat Web Server

In order to use ADONIS in a web client scenario, an Apache Tomcat web server (at least version 7) is required. Before the installation, make sure that the machine runs Java 8 or 11 which can be used by the Apache Tomcat web server.


This document covers installation of Java and Apache Tomcat on Windows systems only. For installation on other platforms, see the documentation provided with the respective installation package and adapt the configuration analogously to the examples provided here.

Download and Install Java Virtual Machine

If Java is not installed yet:

  • Download and install OpenJDK 11 (LTS) with Hotspot from Select the installer, not the .zip bundle. You can use the default settings during installation.

  • As an alternative, customers who have purchased a commercial licence from Oracle can also use Oracle JDK 8 or Oracle JDK 11 in combination with ADONIS 13.0.

After Java has been installed, the installation of the Apache Tomcat web server can be started.

Install Apache Tomcat as a Service

If no Apache Tomcat web server is installed yet:

  • Download and install Tomcat 9 from the Tomcat 9 download page. Select the 32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer version.

During the installation process you will be prompted to enter a value for the HTTP/1.1 Connector Port at which Apache Tomcat is accessible. The default value is “8080”. Throughout this manual it is assumed that you have set Tomcat to use port "8000".

For security reasons, the username and password for the Tomcat Manager page should be changed. Otherwise do not change the default settings.


Do not select to run Apache Tomcat when the installation is complete. This step will be carried out later when starting the web client.