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Version : 16.0


In this part of the manual, the following topics are outlined:

  • Search & Analysis

    You can quickly search for specific models and objects using the search function of ADONIS. The extended search options and filters allow you to seamlessly refine your search for structured analysis of your data and for your reporting.

  • Insights Dashboard

    An Insights dashboard displays essential information about a specific model or object in your organisation, and has a quick access area for key features.

  • Dependency Modeller

    The dependency modeller allow you to navigate through repository objects based on their relations. The objects and their references are visualized dynamically in a model with multiple swimlanes.

  • Usage Analysis

    The usage analysis functions allow you to display references of models and objects, help finding broken references and let you quickly find out in which models an object is used.

  • Model Comparison

    The graphical comparison of models makes the differences between two models visible.

  • Working with Charts

    This chapter provides an overview of the most important functions for working with charts.

  • Reporting Board

    The Reporting Board allows you to create different reports from one central dashboard.

  • Process Simulation

    Process simulation allows you to simulate the execution of business processes to find out about cycle times, costs and resources.

  • Process Stepper

    The process stepper is a tool which uses step-by-step analysis allowing you to better understand how a process and single process paths perform.