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How do I place a support request?

How do I get help from BOC?

Please report incidents and technical questions related to your BOC Management Office Product at our BOC-Group Help Center.

Alternatively you can write an e-mail to the address communicated to you by your customer account manager, from your product administrator or when you purchased your product edition.

The majority of questions can be resolved quickly by consulting our online manuals for ADONIS, ADOIT and for ADOGRC.

How do I submit a request at BOC Group - Help Center?

At the BOC-Group Help Center, please enter your Support Dashboard by using the Sign in button in the upper right corner.

If you do not have a BOC-Group Help Center account yet, please register by following the subsequent "Sign up" function below the login field.

How to choose your request type?

To ensure swift and precise responses, please specify your request type clearly:

"Question"Technical and administrative business questions, that our official documentation does not cover.
"Service"For services we offer, please use this form to submit your request.
"Incident"Any type of malfunction of BOC software, where it cannot be used in the way it is intended and designed because of a BOC software failure.

Please fill out all mandatory fields in the form, with all the data available to you.

What information should a support request include?

Key InformationDescription
Detailed descriptionPlease describe your request as clearly as possible. If you can provide sample data (e.g. model exports, sample reports, configuration files) that will help us to understand your request better or to reproduce the problem, please do so. We will be happy to provide an upload link for secure data transmission on request.
ScreenshotsIf it illustrates the problem, please take a screenshot of the entire screen (including time) showing the situation to which your support request relates.
Time and frequencyProvide the exact timestamp the problem occurred, it is important to be as precise as possible. Did the problem occur only once or more frequently? Does the problem currently still exist at all?
Support Information PackageA "Support Information Package" (SIP) is a collection of log files. If you operate ADONIS, ADOIT or ADOGRC in your own infrastructure, download a SIP from your BOC product and attach it in the form. Please note: The maximal upload size are 50mb. If you wish to transfer bigger or sensitive files, please state your wish for a fileshare link in the description. If you use our SaaS offering (hosted by BOC) we can access the necessary log files ourselves.
Affected UsersIndicate whether only a few (or just one) users are affected, or a large number. Are there other users who do not experience the problem?