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My certificate expired. What can I do?

If a certificate is about to expire/expired you need to create and implement a new one.

What steps are involved in renewing an authentication certificate?

The renewal process in BOC products involves the following steps:

Step 1: To update your certificate you need to log into the admin page of your BOC product. How to log in there is described in the ADONIS & ADOGRC Guide or ADOIT Guide.The image shows the login mask of the admin pageClick here to enlarge
Step 2: After logging into the Admin page you have to navigate to the Authentication site (2) from the menu "..." (1)The image shows two steps to reach the Authentication pageClick here to enlarge
Step 3: On the Authentication site, you will find an option labeled Upload Certificates which you have to press.The image shows the authentication pageClick here to enlarge
Step 4: You will now be able to upload your new certificate by clicking the add (1) and Upload (2) button. You are also able to remove certificates by clicking the "remove" button.The image shows the option to upload certificatesClick here to enlarge
Step 5: To finish up you will need to adjust the name of the certificate in the configuration of the Connector Data by renaming(1) it and saving(2) the changes in the Connector Data window and also the Authentication site as seen in the picturesThe image shows the connector data where the certificate name needs to be adaptedClick here to enlarge The image shows "Save changes" button in the authentication pageClick here to enlarge

When should I renew my authentication certificate?

It is essential to renew your authentication certificate before it expires. Renewing it ahead of time ensures uninterrupted access to your BOC product. To avoid any service disruptions due to an expired certificate you can plan the renewal process in advance.

Can I renew an authentication certificate before its scheduled renewal date?

Yes, in most cases, you can renew your certificate before its scheduled renewal date. Some Certificate Authorities allow early renewal, and it is generally recommended to renew certificates a few weeks before they expire to avoid last-minute issues.