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How can I import a license?

My license has expired, and I can no longer log in to the Administration Toolkit

When trying to log in to the Administration Toolkit (ATK) of your BOC product, the following error message is displayed: [ado-19] No Product-Licence found. Contact your administrator.If a new license needs to be issued, please contact your customer account manager. OR The latest license is already at your disposal, then the message can be confirmed with the OK button and a new license file can be imported.
Illustration shows "[ado-19] No suitable product license was found. Contact your [BOC Product] expertClick on "Browse" and select the new license file. Confirm with "Import", bottom right

My license has not expired yet, and I can log in to the Administration Toolkit

1.To import the new license into the database, please open Licenses → Import License... from the Settings menu.
Click in the toolbar of the Administration Toolkit on "Tools", then "Licenses", then "Add license"
2.In the dialog window that opens, you can navigate through the file system using the Search button. By pressing the button Open and Import, the selected license file is imported into the database and the existing license is replaced by the new one.
Navigate in your Windows Explorer to your .xxl file and confirm the selection with "Open"