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ADONIS End of Maintenance Information

This page contains information about the end of maintenance (EOM) dates for current and older ADONIS versions. No further bug fixes or security updates are provided after these dates.

Product VersionRelease DateEnd of Maintenance
ADONIS 14.0/14.1 LTS2022-03-31No sooner than Q1 2024
ADONIS 13.02021-11-162022-07-08
ADONIS 12.02021-06-302022-03-01
ADONIS NP 11.0/11.12020-11-272021-09-30
ADONIS NP 10.0/10.1 LTS2020-04-24No sooner than Q4 2022
ADONIS NP 9.02019-12-052020-07-24
ADONIS NP 8.02019-08-082020-03-05
ADONIS NP 7.0/7.12019-03-292019-11-14
ADONIS NP 6.0/6.1 LTS2018-12-202020-10-26