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Version: 12.0

What data is contained in a SIP?

What is a Support Information Package (SIP)?

A Support Information Package (SIP) is a collection of log files of a BOC Management Office product. Providing a SIP to the BOC hotline typically speeds up the resolution finding process for a support request.

All products of the BOC Management Office (ADONIS, ADOIT, ADOGRC) allow the encrypted download of a SIP via a web browser.

What data is contained in a SIP?

After decryption by BOC, log files are available, which may contain the following data:

  • Log entries with timestamps for important events in the BOC product, e.g. for user and system actions.
  • E-mail addresses in case of release workflow e-mail actions
  • Error messages of the type INFO, WARNING, ERROR, DEBUG - depending on the configured log level
  • Hardware environment parameters (available memory, CPU load)
  • Object and model names, as well as their IDs
  • Repository names and their IDs
  • Request IDs
  • Session IDs
  • User names
  • Number of models and objects in the repositories
  • Other analysis data, depending on product version, any customising and other circumstances.

What data is NOT included in a SIP?

  • Complete models and objects are never included in a SIP.
  • User passwords are never contained in a SIP.

How can I review the content of a SIP?

If you want to view the content of a SIP in detail, we recommend manually compiling the corresponding log files, reviewing them and sending this collection (which corresponds to a SIP) to BOC.