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What's New

Discover all the new features available with the latest ADOIT release.

ADOIT 16.0

ADOIT 16.0 - Application Investment Planning for all

Open a new chapter in planning the investment strategy for your application portfolio with ADOIT 16.0! Invite your colleagues and delegate tasks directly to them. Applications can be assessed in just a few minutes using surveys, making it easy to define investment strategies accordingly.


Previous Versions

ADOIT 15.1 - Making excellent even better.

ADOIT 15.1 is a minor update to the ADOIT 15.0 long-term support release (LTS) release that introduces improvements to a variety of features.

ADOIT 15.0 - More power to you.

Your favourite EA tool. Elevated. More capable. 15.0 enhances the ADOIT enterprise architecture experience and delivers highly-requested updates that power up your daily work and help you hit your transformation milestones faster.

ADOIT 14.0 - From raw EA data to smart decisions. Faster than ever.

ADOIT 14.0 helps you analyse, engage and collaborate like never before. Visualize your architecture any way you choose. Quickly see the impact of change. Share your findings with everyone. And bring your transformation vision to life, effortlessly.

ADOIT 13.0 - Powered through EA. Designed around you.

13.0 packs new, highly-requested capabilities that make ADOIT even more of a doer, so you can get your architecture work done faster, and take your digital twin to new heights in beautifully productive and powerful ways.

ADOIT 12.0 - Reinventing the ADOIT experience.

12.0 lifts ADOIT to a new level of usability. The remarkably simple and immersive new experience lets all stakeholders achieve more, faster and easier, ultimately giving all users an incredibly powerful and personal EA experience.