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Version: 12.0

Install Web Client

For a complete installation of the ADOIT web client, the following steps have to be taken:

  1. Configure the ADOIT application server.

  2. Install the Apache Tomcat web server.

  3. Configure the Apache Tomcat web server.

  4. We strongly recommend to set up the Apache Tomcat web server for use with SSL/TLS.

  5. Install the ADOIT web client.

  6. Configure the ADOIT web client.

  7. Start the ADOIT web client.

  8. Optionally, set up a load balancing configuration.

  9. Observe the recommendations of the security checklist.


The ADOIT application server and the ADOIT web application running on the web server have to be restarted if the configuration settings of the web client are changed after installation. Otherwise the changes will not become effective.