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Version: 13.0

Start Parameters

The Administration Toolkit can be modified by start parameters. This way, the login process can be shortened or even automated.

In Microsoft Windows, you can modify the startup parameters as follows:

  1. Search or create a shortcut for the Administration Toolkit.

  2. Open the context menu (right click) of the shortcut and select “properties”.

  3. Add the parameters to the field “path”. Keep in mind that capital letters, the format and the spacing between the parameters must be correct for the process to work properly.

  4. Click “Apply” and “OK” to close the window.

Any number of parameters can be added this way.

The Parameters

The following parameters can be added to the target path of a shortcut. The words in parentheses are to be replaced by the matching terms.

  • -u <username>

    Predefine the username.

  • -pw <password>

    Automatically enter the password.

  • -db <database>

    Automatically select a database

  • -dt <database type>

    Specify the creator of the database.

  • -r <repository>

    Automatically select the repository.

  • -UILocale <language>

    Define the UI language.