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Version: 13.0

Schedule Nightly Restart of Aworker Processes

By default, the aworker processes of the ADOIT application server are restarted automatically each night at 00:00 local time. These restarts will result in all active user sessions being lost.

Regular restarts are necessary to avoid memory fragmentation which may cause performance degradation over time or, in the worst case, may lead to the ADOIT application server crashing because of insufficient memory. The recommended interval for restarts depends on the usage of the ADOIT application server. As a rule of thumb, the restart should be scheduled daily.

In order to schedule the nightly restart more precisely:

  1. Navigate to the folder <ADOIT installation\conf>.

  2. Open the file adoxx.conf in a text editor and scroll down to the bottom.

  3. Adapt the following parameters to set the schedule:

    • SERVER_AUTO_CLEANUP: Add the leading character # to this line to deactivate the nightly restart of the aworker processes. Only do this if requested by a BOC employee.

    • SERVER_AUTO_CLEANUP_DAY: Set your schedule to run on certain days of the week (1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday etc.).

    • SERVER_AUTO_CLEANUP_TIME: Specify the time when the aworker processes will be restarted (hh:mm).

The ADOIT application server has to be restarted for the configuration changes to become effective. Afterwards, the restart will be executed at the specified times.