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Version: 15.0

What can I do if login to the Administration Toolkit fails?

Error messages in the course of logging in to the Administration Toolkit provide information about the causes. Depending on the error code, several solutions are possible:

Error codeError messageSolution
[ado-02]The connection to the database failed. An incorrect database name was entered. Check your entry.The database name entered is incorrect and must match the entry in the ODBC data source (SQL Server, PostgreSQL) or in the Net Configuration Assistant (Oracle). The ODBC data source (SQL Server, PostgreSQL) or the Net Service Name (Oracle) must be configured correctly.
[ado-58]There is no valid licence for the selected user interface language.First click on (1) to open the submenu. Now select a licensed language (2).The screenshot shows that you have to click on "Expand" first. The language is then changed to a valid one via the dropdown.Click here to enlarge
[ado-47]The selected database was created with a later platform version (version) than the current one! This ADONIS/ADOIT version can only be used with a database created with a platform version not higher than version."Your administration toolkit is from an old product version. Use an up-to-date administration toolkit.
[ado-startup-02]An error occurred while loading the repository. Contact your ADONIS customer support.This is caused by a missing folder in the C:\Users\ <username> \AppData\Local\Temp\ directory. By entering %temp% in Windows Explorer you will get a message which folder is missing. Create this folder and restart the administration toolkit. You can log in again.
[ado-52]ADONIS could not log in to the database "[DATABASENAME]". Maybe the database-password of the application has been changed.In case the password of the database user has been changed directly on the database server, please refer to Change Password of User “ADOxx”The screenshot shows the error &quot;52&quot; after an loggin attemptClick here to enlarge
[ado-53]ADONIS could not connect to the database database name. An unexpected error has occurred.Solution 1: Make sure that the database registered as ODBC data source (SQL Server, PostgreSQL) or as Net Service Name (Oracle) is available, properly configured, and reachable. Perform a connection test with the database client software and ensure that a connection with the technical database user (usually "ADOxx") is possible.
Solution 2: Reset the password of the technical database user (usually "ADOxx"): First check the directory installation directory of the BOC product\conf: If there is a file named "credential.txt" in this folder, it may have to be regenerated. To do this, contact BOC technical customer support. - If the file "credential.txt" does not exist, reset the password of the ADOxx user.
Remote resource cannot be reachedThe remote resource cannot be reached.Check your connection or ask the network administrator for help. - If your environment is hosted by the BOC, please check the following solution: NTLMv2 Security Standard.
Wrong or missing passwordThe administrator password is not accepted or has been forgotten. It is not possible to log in as administrator user.Please follow the instructions in this guide: "How to reset the password of the Admin user".

For other login issues contact BOC technical support.