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Version: 15.1

How to download a Support Information Package (SIP)?

What is a Support Information Package (SIP)?

A Support Information Package (SIP) is a collection of log files of a BOC Management Office product. Providing a SIP to the BOC hotline typically speeds up the resolution finding process for a support request.

All products of the BOC Management Office (ADONIS, ADOIT, ADOGRC) allow the encrypted download of a SIP via a web browser.

How can I create or download a SIP?

There are two ways to download a SIP from a BOC product. Both methods require that you can access your BOC product's web client:

  • Download from the web client admin page
  • Download via a direct download URL

Both methods are described here in the administrator manual.

Both methods are also demonstrated in the following video:

How can I assemble a SIP if I do not have access to the web client?

If you cannot access the web client, you can collect all log files manually from the relevant servers.

By default the following log files need to be collected:

  • Log files from the application server of your BOC product. By default these log files are in the folder "C:\Program Files\BOC\ <BOC Product> \logs".

  • Log files from the web server (Apache Tomcat). By default these log files are in the folder "<Apache Tomcat Installationsverzeichnis>\logs".

The following video shows how to do this: