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ADONIS Report Creator for Word

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User Manual

Welcome to the ADONIS Report Creator for Word user manual!

The ADONIS Report Creator for Word is powered by the leading BPM suite ADONIS. It allows you to design your own Word templates using all available formatting options (e.g. fonts, colours, page layouts) and Word objects (e.g. table of contents, date/time) and share your process models and more by creating reports directly from Word or ADONIS.

Key Features:

  • Create up-to-date process documentation with your own branding.
  • Document selected process elements or build a comprehensive process documentation (e.g. in form of procedures based on a process flow).
  • Re-use existing MS Word templates or define your own template based on your corporate identity.
  • Benefit from all formatting options available in MS Word to increase a reader’s experience.
  • Easily save your templates in the ADONIS repository and make it available to other users.
  • And more!

For the installation process of ADONIS Report Creator for Word, refer to the Installation Manual and the Hardware and Software Requirements.

Check the What's new section to see new features introduced with the latest version.

About this Manual

In the following documentation you will find instructions on how to use features of the ADONIS Report Creator for Word.

  • Starting Report Creator
    This part describes initiating of Report Plugin and configuring its settings for connectivity with ADONIS.

  • Designing report template This part of the manual covers creating dynamic report content with model attributes, embedding model graphics, and finalizing the report layout. The focus is on integrating the designed template into ADONIS, enabling the generation of reports filled with specific model and object data from the ADONIS database. This section is key for users to understand how to make their reports interactive and data-rich.

  • Saving template and generating report

    This part covers saving templates and generating reports using the models and objects data in ADONIS.

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