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Version : 11.0

Concept of Use

This chapter provides general information on the use of ADONIS NP.

Types of Roles

System Roles

System Roles are created in the Administration Toolkit and assigned to users.

  • System Roles grant access to ADONIS NP web client features and to the available metamodel elements (= metamodel rights)

  • A special case of system roles are release workflow roles.


Roles (business roles) are objects that are created in the ADONIS NP web client.

  • Roles are referenced in the Notebooks of models and objects (e.g. RACI responsibilities in the Tasks in Business Process Diagrams).

  • There are personalized reading views in ADONIS NP. To use these views, Roles can be assigned to a user (Activate Assignment of Roles by Readers).

Trusted Login

This setting is only relevant in certain web client scenarios. It enables simple and quick access to ADONIS NP via single sign-on (SSO).

Trusted login means that a user for whom this right is set can perform actions without having to enter a user name and password.

Trusted login is a prerequisite for:

  • users who are authenticated outside of ADONIS NP (Web Client Login with LDAP Coupling, IDM, SAML)

  • technical users which are used for special scenarios (e.g. for synchronizing objects between ADONIS NP and another BOC Management Office product)

  • users who are used to access the Organisation Portal anonymously

If a user is in a user group that has this right, the user inherits this right.