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Version : 14.1

How do I install "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence"?

Installation instructions

The installation procedure differs depending on your Confluence hosting type:

Confluence hosting typePreconditions for the installationInstallation instructions
Confluence CloudPreconditions for the installationInstallation manual
Confluence Data CenterPreconditions for the installationInstallation manual
Other Confluence scenarios-Notes for special Confluence scenarios

Installation Q & A

Which ADONIS editions are supported?

Confluence hosting typeSupported ADONIS editions
Confluence CloudADONIS Enterprise Edition (SaaS), ADONIS on-premise
Confluence Data CenterADONIS Enterprise Edition (SaaS), ADONIS:CE, ADONIS on-premise

Note: "ADONIS Starter Edition" is not supported. Support is not planned currently.

Note: For all supported editions the ADONIS-component Standard RESTful Services must be licensed, in order to enable Confluence support.

Which ADONIS versions are supported?

Confluence hosting typeSupported ADONIS versions
Confluence CloudADONIS version 14.1.3 or higher
Confluence Data CenterADONIS version 10.0.3 or higher

Where can I find the installation packages for "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence"?

You do not need any installation packages. "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence" is installed directly from the Atlassian Marketplace. Simply select the appropriate hosting option (1) ("Cloud" or "Data Center") and then click the "Try it free" button (2).

Illustration shows "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence" on the Atlassian Marketplace

What is the difference between "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Cloud" and "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Data Center"?

"ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence" is offered in different variants for different Confluence hosting types:

  • For Confluence Cloud
  • For Confluence Data Center
  • For Confluence Server (not supported any more)

The functionality of all variants of "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence" is similar, but not identical. Please consult with your BOC customer account manager on functionality differences before switching to a different variant. In any case, the installation procedure differs significantly between variants. We recommend following the respective installation instructions closely.

How long does it take to install "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Cloud"?

The installation of "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Cloud" consists of four steps of varying duration:

StepDescriptionTime needed
Step 1 (by you)Obtain "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Cloud" from the Atlassian Marketplace.A few minutes
Step 2 (by you)Follow the installation instructions for ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Cloud and complete all the described configuration steps.A few minutes
Step 3 (by you)Communicate the URL of your Confluence Cloud instance and the URL of your ADONIS instance which should be accessed by "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Cloud" by e-mail to few minutes
Step 4 (by BOC)Our integration team completes the configuration and activates your instance of "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Cloud".Up to 2 business days

Can BOC support me with the installation?

The installation of "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence" is easily possible without additional support from BOC. To do this, simply follow the installation instructions from the installation manual.

If you still want BOC to accompany the installation process, please contact your customer account manager for a corresponding offer.

Installation in special Confluence scenarios

Note: "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence Server" is not supported any more. We recommend switching to "ADONIS Process Manager" for an available Confluence hosting type.

Please contact us in the following cases:

  • You are using "ADONIS Process Manager für Confluence Server".
  • You want to switch from your existing version of "ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence" to a different Confluence hosting type (i.e. from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud).
  • You cannot use the Atlassian Marketplace to update your current version of "ADONIS Process Manager für Confluence".
  • You need support for other Confluence scenarios with ADONIS, that are not listed in this document.

Further information

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