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How to fix an outage (SaaS)?

Problem description

ADONIS, ADOIT or ADOGRC is not accessible to any user. In the web browser no login screen is shown when accessing the usual URL. A full outage of the BOC product seems to have happened.


This article refers to the operation of ADONIS, ADOIT or ADOGRC in the BOC cloud (SaaS).

If you experience an outage of a BOC product in your own infrastructure (on premise), you can find solutions at this link.

Solution 1: Is this a maintenance window?

Check your emails to see if a maintenance window has been announced for your BOC product. Also check the spam folder in your e-mail program: The email might be there.

If there is a maintenance window, the respective email will state how long it will last and when your BOC product will be available again.

Solution 2: Check your internet connection

Check if you can reach other internet services. Is your internet connection working?

If your internet connection is not working, you will not be able to reach the SaaS editions of ADONIS, ADOIT or ADOGRC. In this case, contact your system administration team or your ISP to fix the problem.

Solution 3: Allow time for automatic problem resolution

Various mechanisms ensure that outages on BOC side can be identified and corrected quickly. Outages are rare, but if one has happened, BOC is most likely already working on a solution.

Wait a few minutes and then try again to access your BOC product.

Solution 4: Check IP address

Your IP address may be blocked from accessing the BOC product. This can be the case under the following circumstances:

  • You access your BOC product from a new and unusual location, for example from your home office or on the go.
  • The IP configuration in your company has changed.
  • Changes to the infrastructure in your company, such as server changes.
  • Your SaaS account has only recently been set up and any IP blocks have not yet been fully configured.

Possible measures to solve the problem:

  • Try to access the BOC product from a location where it has always been accessible in the past.
  • Check whether all users in your company are affected by the outage or whether other users can still access the BOC product. If other users still have access, identify the differences between these users and yourself.
  • Contact your system administrator to determine any changes to your IP address. If necessary, ask the account owner of your BOC product to activate your (new) IP address at BOC for access.

Solution 5: Contact customer support

If a quick resolution via the above suggested fixes is not successful, contact BOC technical customer support.

Inform BOC technical customer support of any resolution attempts you have already made.

Further information

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