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Wersja: 15.0

Impact of Recipients on Email Notifications for Release Workflows

This section provides insights into how recipients influence the automatic email notifications triggered by ADONIS during release workflows. Guidelines for both model and document release workflows are outlined below:

  • If there is one or more "TO" recipients, no "CC," and any "BCC," individual emails are sent to all "TO" recipients. These emails are personalised (sent in the preferred email language of the recipients and addressing them by name).

  • If there is one "TO" recipient, at least one "CC," and any "BCC," a personalised email is sent to the "TO" recipient. All "CC" and "BCC" recipients receive a copy of the email.

  • If there are multiple "TO" recipients, at least one "CC," and any "BCC," a group email is sent to all "TO" recipients. All "CC" and "BCC" recipients receive a copy of the email. The email footer includes additional information about the message being sent to a group. If there are up to 10 "TO" recipients, their names will be listed in the salutation. If there are more than 10 "TO" recipients, the salutation "Dear ADONIS user" will be used.