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Wersja: 16.0

Web Application Installation

  1. Adapt the alias of the database connection and other important configuration parameters of the ADONIS application server in the file server.conf (see Configure ADONIS Application Server).

  2. Install the ADONIS application server as a Windows service (see Install ADONIS Application Server as a Service).

  3. Make sure Java 17 is installed on the web server by typing java -version in the Windows Command prompt. Install a new java version if necessary (see Download and Install Java Virtual Machine).

  4. Install Apache Tomcat as a Windows service (see Install Apache Tomcat as a Service):

    • Enter a value for the HTTP/1.1 Connector Port at which Apache Tomcat is accessible, e.g."8000".

    • For security reasons, the username and password for the Tomcat Manager page should be changed.

  5. Execute the file tomcat10w.exe to adapt the Apache Tomcat service settings (see Configure Tomcat Java Settings):

    • In the Java Options box, add the parameter " -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8".

    • Initial memory pool of 512MB.

    • Maximum memory pool of at least 2048MB.

    • Thread stack size of 256KB.

  6. Set the encoding of Apache Tomcat to UTF-8 in the file server.xml. A preconfigured server.xml file can be found in the folder "03 Web Application" in the installation package (see Configure Tomcat's server.xml).

  7. We strongly recommend to set up the Apache Tomcat web server for use with SSL/TLS (see (Optional) Set up Apache Tomcat Web Server for use with SSL/TLS).

  8. Copy the file ADONIS16_0.war to the folder <Tomcat installation>/webapps“ (see Install ADONIS Web Application).

  9. If necessary, adapt the settings for the login procedure on the application server side in the file adoxx_web_conf.js (see Settings for the Login Process).

  10. Adapt the settings for the login procedure on the web server side in the file (see General Settings):

    • Enter the URL at which the ADONIS application server can be reached.

    • If necessary, adapt the other settings.

  11. Start the services (see Start Services):

    • ADONIS application server (service name e.g. "ADONISServer16.0Service")

    • Apache Tomcat web server (service name e.g. "Tomcat10")

    Now you can start using ADONIS.

  12. Optionally, you can set up a load balancing configuration to distribute workload across multiple aworker processes started by the ADONIS application server (see Set Up Load Balancing Configuration).

  13. Observe the recommendations of the security checklist (see Security Checklist).