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Wersja: 16.0

Troubleshoot ADONIS Installation Issues

Installation Problems

If you encounter a problem upon installing ADONIS, follow these steps:

  1. Check if the minmal Hardware/Software Requirements are met.

  2. Open the Windows Task Manager to check if all instances of ADONIS are closed. Do not run the setup until ADONIS and all associated program components are closed.

  3. Make sure you do have the latest version of ADONIS available to you. Check the installation package for the setup client - the name of this file will contain the version number. The version this manual is written for is 16.0. If you are not sure, whether the available version is up to date or not, please contact the ADONIS consultant of your company.

  4. Look at the installation folders of ADONIS - each version should have its own folder. When updating ADONIS, create a new installation folder for the new version to be stored at. Do not overwrite older versions, as this might cause conflicts.

  5. Check if the user running the setup does have the necessary user rights. This includes write access to the target directory of the installation.


If none of these actions can fix the issue, feel free to contact our support team.

Which (Log) Files Should Be Provided in Case of Error?

All relevant log files are contained in the support information package which is provided within a compressed Zip archive. The support information package is available for download within ADONIS.

To download the support information package:

  • Open a web browser and navigate to "http://<SERVER_NAME>:<TOMCAT_PORT>/ADONIS16_0/supportinformation".

<SERVER_NAME> is the name of the server machine, <TOMCAT_PORT> is the port at which Apache Tomcat is accessible (by default this is 8000).


If you are running ADONIS locally, the URL should look like this:


You can modify the URL to only download log files from a certain time period. In order to do this, add ?logType=<PARAMETER> to the URL. The following parameters are available:

  • small

    Downloads log files from the last 24 hours.

  • medium

    Downloads log files from the last week.

  • large

    Downloads all log files.


If you are running ADONIS locally and you want to download log files from the last 24 hours, the URL should look like this:



Please provide these log files when you contact our support team.