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ADOIT web parts in MS Teams

This page describes how to add an ADOIT Enterprise Architect for SharePoint web part to a Microsoft Teams channel.

How to use the ADOIT web parts App

Add a web part to a Teams channel

To add an ADOIT web part to Teams channel, click on the + icon to Add a tab. Search and select the ADOIT web parts App and Save.

Model Viewer


If the app can not be selected yet, you might have to go to Get more apps and choose Add to a team for the ADOIT web parts App.

After that, a blank ADOIT web parts App is visible in a new tab that can be configured.

First, a web part can be chosen. Once a web part type has been selected, the configuration options for the specific web part are shown.

For more details about the configuration of the differente web part types, please refer to

Configure web part