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Version: 12.0

Import/Export ArchiMate Model Exchange File

The ArchiMate Model Exchange File format is the standard file format for the exchange of ArchiMate models between different applications. ADOIT supports importing and exporting ArchiMate models in the exchange file format.


This feature is only available if you are using the ArchiMate Application Library.

The following options are available:

Import ArchiMate Model Exchange File

To import an ArchiMate model:

  1. Right-click a model or object group, point to Import/Export, point to ArchiMate exchange, and then click Import.

  2. Click Select file... and select the file that you want to import.

  3. Click Import.

All elements, relationships, and views in the ArchiMate model and their attributes will be imported into ADOIT:

  • Elements are captured as objects and managed in the Object Catalogue

  • Relationships are captured as relations

  • Views are captured as models and managed in the Model Catalogue

If an ArchiMate model in the import file already exists in ADOIT, the following conflict strategy is applied: The original models and objects are preserved, and the new models and objects are imported into new groups under the same name.

Export ArchiMate Model Exchange File

To export ArchiMate models from ADOIT:

  1. Right-click a model, object or group, point to Import/Export, point to ArchiMate exchange, and then click Export.

  2. Enter the name of the export file into the field File name.

  3. In the Models and Object areas, select individual models, objects or entire groups that should to be included in the export.

  4. Click OK.

The data is exported.