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Version: 15.0

Concept of Use

This chapter provides general information on the use of ADOIT.

Types of Roles

System Roles

System Roles are created in the Administration Toolkit and assigned to users.

  • System Roles grant access to ADOIT web client features and to the available metamodel elements (= metamodel rights)

  • A special case of system roles are EA workflow roles.


Roles (business roles) are objects that are created in the ADOIT web client.

  • Roles are referenced in the Notebooks of models and objects .

Trusted Login

This setting is only relevant in certain web client scenarios. It enables simple and quick access to ADOIT via single sign-on (SSO).

Trusted login means that a user for whom this right is set can perform actions without having to enter a user name and password.

Trusted login is a prerequisite for:

  • users who are authenticated outside of ADOIT (Web Client Login with LDAP Coupling, IDM, SAML, OIDC)

  • technical users which are used for special scenarios (e.g. for synchronizing objects between ADOIT and another BOC Management Office product)

  • users who are used to access the Organisation Portal anonymously

If a user is in a user group that has this right, the user inherits this right.