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Version: 12.0

How to download a Support Information Package (SIP)?

What is a Support Information Package (SIP)?

A Support Information Package (SIP) is a collection of log files of a BOC Management Office product. Providing a SIP to the BOC hotline typically speeds up the resolution finding process for a support request.

All products of the BOC Management Office (ADONIS, ADOIT, ADOGRC) allow the encrypted download of a SIP via a web browser.

How can I create or download a SIP?

There are two ways to download a SIP from a BOC product. Both methods require that you can access your BOC product's web client:

  • Download from the web client admin page
  • Download via a direct download URL

Both methods are described here in the Administrator Manual.

Both methods are also demonstrated in the following video:

How can I assemble a SIP manually, if I do not have access to the web client?

If it is not possible to generate a SIP via web client, please save the following files in a newly created folder "Offline Log Files". You can then zip it and send it to BOC for analysis:

[BOC Product] /logsOffline Log Files/Application Server Logs & Conf
[BOC Product] /confOffline Log Files/Application Server Logs & Conf
%TEMP%Offline Log Files / User temp logsFiles with "adoxx" or "aserver" in their name
[Tomcat Installation] /logsOffline Log Files/Web Server Logs & Conf
[Tomcat Installation] /confOffline Log Files/Web Server Logs & Conf
C:/Windows/temp/aserver_svc.exe.logOffline Log Files / Windows temp logsOptional if available

Note: Depending on the problem at hand, BOC technical customer support may ask for additional log files.

The following short video describes the manual compilation of these log files:

What data is contained in a SIP?

You can find information about the content of a SIP under this link.