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What's New

Discover all the new features available with the latest ADONIS release.


ADONIS 15.0 - Collaboration has never been so easy!

Team up, fuse ideas and bring your best processes to life in the most dynamic way. 15.0 takes collaborative BPM experience to another level so you can co-design, refine and transform your business processes - faster and more freely than ever.


Previous Versions

ADONIS 14.1 - Innovative solutions for complex problems.

ADONIS 14.1 is a minor update to the ADONIS 14.0 long-term support release (LTS) release with a focus on improving existing features and the quality of the product.

ADONIS 14.0 - Built to take your BPM further.

Model processes even faster. Re-use your assets smarter. Find the right content in seconds. And go deeper with analysis. By leveraging our users' feedback, 14.0 pushes the ADONIS experience further to help you do your best BPM work on the fly - and we can't wait to see where you take it!

ADONIS 13.0 - Bring your BPM data to life. Like never before.

Visualize, share and connect on a whole new level. The new ADONIS release comes packed with updates that help you dive in and explore your business architecture in entirely new ways. Create next-level custom analyses. Engage everyone. And use ADONIS smarter and easier than ever before.

ADONIS 12.0 - Made to match all your needs.

Customer-inspired. Streamlined. Smoother. 12.0 pushes the ADONIS BPM experience further and brings you curated updates that ease your daily tasks and help you get the job done, faster and smarter.

ADONIS 11.0 - The ADONIS Experience. Reimagined.

Clean new design. Stunning ease of use. Bold new experience. 11.0 brings you more of everything you love about ADONIS. It’s the ultimate Business Process Management experience – powered up.