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Version: 12.0

Reporting Board

The Reporting Board allows you to create different reports (= views and reports) from one central dashboard. There are several report categories (e.g. Business Scenario or Type). Each category, in turn, consists of one or more groups of individual reports.


The provision of report categories depends on the configuration of your ADONIS installation. Report categories can be configured in the ADONIS Administration Toolkit.

Open Reporting Board

To open the Reporting Board:

  • On the toolbar at the top of the screen, click Analyse  .

The Reporting Board opens and the Explorer is displayed.

Choose Category

In order to choose a category:

  • Click the category selection button on the top left of the Reporting Board, and then select a category from the dropdown-list.

Create Reports

In the Reporting Board, you can create views and reports:

Create View (BIA Report , Cluster Map Report , Gantt Report , Matrix Report or Portfolio Report )

To create a view:

  1. Click the view you want to create.

  2. Select the models or objects you want to create a view on, and then click OK.

  3. For Cluster Map reports only: Adjust the evaluation path , and then click OK.

Optionally you can also:

  • Click the Create empty button to create an empty Gantt, Matrix or Portfolio report.

Create Report (Print Report )

To create a report:

  1. Click the report you want to create.

  2. Select the models or objects you want to create a report on, and then click OK.

  3. Select the desired report options , and then click OK.

Select Models/Objects in Explorer

Alternatively, you can create reports with the Explorer as the starting point:

  1. Select the models/objects you want to create a report on in the Explorer.

  2. Drag the items to the appropriate report on the Reporting Board.