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Version: 14.1

How do I edit the visibility of saved searches?


Saved searches are tied to the users who created them. Only those users have the authority to edit them, make them public or hide them. But how can someone edit these searches if a user is no longer part of my company?


Step 1: Open the Administration Toolkit (ATK) and select Library Management (1).Click on "Library Management Modules" on the left-hand side Click here to enlarge
Step 2: Switch to the Component settings (2) tab, navigate via Web client (3), Web modules (4) to Saved search queries (5).Click on the "Component settings" tab Click here to enlarge
Step 3: In the section Business Modules - Saved searches (advanced options), you can now select for which system roles (alternatively Available for all users) you would like to activate the additional administration. Finally, confirm your selection with OK (6).The focus automatically jumps to the correct module, here you can choose from all users as well as the individual system roles" Click here to enlarge
Step 4: In the web client, you now have the option of hiding the public searches of other users. To do this, click on Find (7) and My searches (8) in the web client.In the web client, use the Find and My searches buttons to navigate to the search menu Click here to enlarge
Step 5: Deactivate sharing via the highlighted Switch (9).Switching the switch hides the search Click here to enlarge