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Version: 16.0

How can I find the last login date of a user?


You want to know the date of the last login in the web client of a user.

Solution 1

To find out a user's last login date, please log in to the Administration Toolkit and enable the "Last login" column in User Management.

Illustration shows column menu, and the way to the option

The column with the last login is now displayed.

Illustration shows column menu, with the displayed login times

Solution 2

Another way to know the last login attempt of a user is in the license overview of the web client's Admin Page. Please log in to the Admin Page. How to log in there is described in the ADONIS & ADOGRC Guide or ADOIT Guide. Click on the three dots (1) and then on License Overview (2) to access the License Overview.

Picture shows menu

Under License Overview you can see the last login of the user.

Illustration shows license overview in Admin Page