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Migration from Confluence Server/Data Center to Confluence Cloud

This page describes the required steps to migrate ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence macros from a Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center installation to a Confluence Cloud installation.

The following macro types can be migrated and displayed in Confluence Cloud:

Other Confluence Server/Data Center macros are also migrated to Confluence Cloud, but can only be displayed as a static placeholder.

Run migration script for Confluence Server/Data Center

Due to changes in the underlying storage format between Server/Data Center and Cloud version, it is mandatory to perform a migration if you want to continue using the macros embedded in your Confluence Server/Data Center pages. Without a migration those macros will not be recognized by Confluence Cloud and therefore can not be viewed anymore.


We strongly encourage you to perform a backup of your data before starting the migration.

Please open General configuration and navigate to the ADONIS Process Manager Configuration.

At the bottom of the configuration page, you can find the Migration to Confluence Cloud section. Here you can add the Space keys for the space you would like to prepare for a migration to Confluence Cloud and start the migration. If you would like to add more than one space key, please use a comma between two space keys


As space administrator you can go to Space tools > Overview > Space details. There you can find the space key.

Start migration

After successful completion, macros from the selected space(s) are transformed to the Confluence Cloud format and are ready to be imported in a Confluence Cloud instance. On Server/Data Center, the macro content can not be viewed anymore.

prepared macro

Perform migration to Confluence Cloud

Please refer to the official Atlassian documentation for the different migration methods.