Concept of the ADONIS Metamodel#

ADONIS NP is a method independent tool which does not enforce any specific modelling methodology. The metamodel of ADONIS NP can be configured to optimally suit any particular requirements through customising of the Application Library. The ADONIS NP user can decide how to model business processes and how to best use the ADONIS NP functionalities.

In addition to the possibility to adapt the modelling methodology to the needs of the customer ADONIS NP supports the modelling methodology ADONIS BPMS by default via the ADONIS BPMS Application Library which is included in the product.

Model Types, Objects and Connectors

Depending on the used Application Library ADONIS NP provides different model types and thus provides support for the integrated presentation of business content in different key areas. For each model type different objects (classes) and connectors (relation classes) are defined. Furthermore, each model type contains different (view) modes which filter the available classes for specific application scenarios.