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Version: 12.0

Why is only the major version number of a model raised?


Although the release workflow should only raise the minor version number (Minor Version) of a process or object, the major version number (Major Version) is increased.

Example: A released process gets the new version number 2.00 instead of 1.01, as configured.


1Open your Administration Toolkit and click Library Management (1)ATK with mode selection "Library Administration"Click here to enlarge
2Navigate to Component Settings (2) and expand the settings (3)ATK - Click on Component Settings on the left, then expand"Click here to enlarge
3Navigate as follows Release workflows -> Models -> Model Release Workflow -> GeneralGo to "Release workflows" -> "Models" -> "Model release workflow" -> "General"Click here to enlarge
4Open on the right side Configuration of MappingsClick in the ATK "State configuration and general settings" on the right sideClick here to enlarge
5Now click Next repeatedly until you can end your run with Finish. Important: No changes are necessary!Always press "Next" at the bottom rightClick here to enlarge
6You will get the following success messageYou will get the popup "The settings have been saved successfully"Click here to enlarge