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Version: 14.1

Accessibility, Videos and More

In this part of the manual, the following topics are outlined:

  • Accessibility in ADONIS

    This chapter provides an overview of the accessibility features that make it easier for people with disabilities to work with ADONIS.

  • All Videos

    Explore our playlists of all ADONIS how-to videos, categorised into beginner and advanced levels.

  • Help

    All help functions in ADONIS.

  • Settings

    Functions for manipulating ADONIS itself.

  • Synchronise Process Attributes: Mapped Elements

    This section describes the attributes and relations that will be covered when you enable synchronisation between a Process and a Business Process Diagram.

  • Synchronisation with ADOIT - Default Mapping

    This section describes the standard mapping for synchronising objects between the ADONIS and ADOIT default libraries.

  • Glossary

    A short glossary.