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Version: 16.0 (Preview)

Take a Look Around

After logging in successfully to the Admin Page, you'll find yourself on the start page ("Home").

 Take a Look Around

The start page offers an array of administrative components organised into three main groups:

  • Users & Access Rights

    This section allows you to manage users, user groups, and system roles efficiently. Create and modify user accounts, assign permissions, and ensure smooth access control.

  • Libraries & Repositories

    Here, you'll find tools to manage libraries and their repositories, and explore metamodel elements.

  • Product Configuration & Licence

    In this section, you can fine-tune component settings, ensuring that ADONIS behaves exactly as per your unique requirements and preferences. Additionally, you can view licence information and add new ADONIS licences.

To open a component, simply click on it.

More Options

Behind the More options button, you'll find access to the Tools menu, which offers a range of additional settings. These include general tools, authentication settings and various support options.

Help and Preferences

If you need guidance, you can click the Help button to access the online help or download the PDF manual. Additionally, you can find various settings to adapt the Admin Page to your personal working style by clicking on the user symbol .


All administrative components and the other features mentioned here are explained in detail in the subsequent parts of the Administration Help (Web Client).