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Version : 14.0

Import/Export BPMN DI Files

ADONIS provides a BPMN Diagram Interchange (XML) interface. Using this interface, BPMN DI files can imported and exported.

BPMN DI Import

To import BPMN DI files exported from other applications into ADONIS:

  1. Select the model group in which the new model shall be created in the Model Catalogue.

  2. Right-click the model group, point to Import/Export, and then click BPMN DI import. A dialogue window opens.

  3. Enter the path and name of the import file into the field File (either manually or via the support dialogue Browse…).

  4. Confirm with Import file. The model is imported and a confirmation box appears.

BPMN DI Export

To export Business Process Diagrams as BPMN DI files for use in other applications:

  1. Select the model you wish to export in the Model Catalogue.

  2. Right-click the model, point to Import/Export, and then click BPMN DI export.

  3. To include all models which are referenced out of Subprocess objects in the export, select the Export with subprocesses check box. Only embedded subprocesses and call activities will be exported, other subprocess types are ignored (attribute Subprocess type in the Notebook chapter "General information").

  4. To export the entire hierarchy (all subprocesses and their subprocesses and so on without restriction of the reference depth), select the Allow recursion (may take significantly longer) check box.

  5. Click Export.