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Version : 16.0

Synchronisation with ADOIT - Default Mapping

This section describes the standard mapping for synchronising objects between the ADONIS and ADOIT default libraries. The mapping provides the assignment of the exported classes to the classes in the target library.

ArchiMate Library & ADONIS BPMS Library

The standard mapping for the ArchiMate Application Library and the ADONIS BPMS Application Library covers the following metamodel elements:

 Overview - ArchiMate and ADONIS BPMS Mapping

The mapped metamodel elements are examined below in more detail.


Arrows (->) indicate that elements are not mapped one-to-one, but to an element with a different name.

The Users themselves are not replicated. Ideally, they are synchronised from a directory service. If that is not possible, you have to ensure that manually created Users have the same name in both products.


Application Components and their relations to Users are transferred to ADONIS.

Application Component -> Application

  • The following attributes of Application Components are replicated to ADONIS:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Valid from

    • Valid until

    • Change History

    • Lifecycle state

    • Investment strategy

  • The following relation of Application Components is transferred to ADONIS:

    • Responsible business actors -> Responsible person


Processes and Roles including their relations are transferred to ADOIT.

Process -> Business Process

  • The following attributes of Processes are replicated to ADOIT:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Valid from

    • Valid until

    • Potential and maturity analysis (as-is average) -> Current level of maturity

    • Process management maturity -> Target level of maturity [BOC Management Office Integration interface (MOI) only]

    • Cost efficiency

    • Cycle time

    • Quality

    • Customer satisfaction

    • IT support

    • Compliance

    • Change history

    • State

    • Risk management

    • Process management maturity

  • The following relations of Processes are transferred to ADOIT:

    • Referenced Applications/IT System Elements -> Serving

    • Process owner -> Responsible business actors

    • Subordinated processes -> Aggregation [Integration Framework (EXT_CONNECT) only]

Role -> Business Actor

  • The following attributes of Roles are replicated to ADOIT:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Valid from

    • Valid until

    • Change history