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Installation Manual

1. Overview

This section describes

  • the installation of the ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence app for Atlassian Confluence Cloud - see chapter 3

  • the configuration of ADOIT - see chapter 4

  • the set-up of the connection between the Confluence Cloud instance and one or more ADONIS instances - see chapter 5

2. Where to get ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence

The ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence app can be found in the Atlassian Marketplace (ADONIS Process Manager).

3. Installation of the ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence app in Atlassian Confluence Cloud

This chapter describes the steps to install the ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence app in Atlassian Confluence Cloud.

  1. In your Confluence Cloud instance go to Find new apps
  2. In the search field enter ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence.
  3. On the right of the ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence marketplace entry, select Try it free or Buy now.
  4. Proceed as suggested by the Atlassian Marketplace dialogs.

4. Configuration of ADONIS

This chapter describes the needed configuration to allow access to the ADONIS instances by ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence.


In order to use ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence with your ADONIS instances, the Standard RESTful services module must be licensed and enabled for each of them!

4.1. REST API with OAuth 2.0

Detailed documentation can be found here:

Please note that some specific settings are required:

  1. Administration Toolkit REST scenarios required (more details)):
  • Repository read APIs

  • Repository search APIs

  • Users read APIs

  • Metamodel read APIs

  1. OAuth 2.0 client configuration (more details):

4.2. ADONIS CORS policy

For ADONIS Versions older than 14.1.14 or 15.0.9

All ADONIS REST API requests are sent directly from the client web browser. To allow such requests, the following settings of the server file must be set to true:

  • for all requests:

  • for OAuth 2.0 authentication process requests: security.allow.cors


If you are using ADONIS as SaaS, you can contact to configure the CORS policy.

For ADONIS Versions 14.1.14 or 15.0.9 and newer

The latest ADONIS versions support the configuration of CORS settings via Authentication Configuration settings on the web admin page (./admin.view).

Once logged in to the admin page, navigate to Authentication and open the Security settings.

In the Security window, "allow_cors:" has to be set to "true" twice and confirmed by Save changes.


5. Set-up the connection from your Confluence Cloud instance to your ADONIS instance(s)

To connect your Confluence Cloud instance with one or more ADONIS instances, please got to

Apps > Manage apps > ADONIS Process Manager > Configure > Mapping

Here you should add:

  1. Mapping Identifier: Add the name of your mapping configuration, e.g. your company name

  2. ADONIS/ADOIT URL: Add the URL of your ADONIS instance here

  3. Application type: Choose if the URL belongs to an ADONIS instance

Each line represents a connected instance and a new line can be added with the + button. A line can be deleted with the x button.

After all changes are made, please confirm with Save.


If you are also using ADOIT Enterprise Architect for Confluence, the connected ADOIT instances are also visible in the ADONIS Process Manager configuration .