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Version: 16.0

Accessibility in ADOIT

The following accessibility features make it easier for people with disabilities to work with ADOIT:

  • You can use a screen reader to read what is displayed on the screen. Alternative texts explain the purpose of buttons and links.

  • Graphics have been designed to conform to the WCAG 2.0 AAA standard. Good legibility is ensured for users with low vision by providing strong contrasts between text and background where needed.

  • You can navigate through the application and interact with items using the keyboard.

Additionally, in the online help, you can choose between light and dark mode to help you more easily read text.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in ADOIT to navigate through the application and to interact with items.

Navigate in ADOIT

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Move forward through controlsTab
Move back through controlsShift+Tab
Move between items in a single control, or among a set of related controlsArrow keys
Select, activate or execute an itemEnter or Spacebar
Cancel action; exit dialogue box or menuEsc
Find focusCtrl+Shift+X

General Keyboard Shortcuts

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Cut elementCtrl+X
Copy elementCtrl+C
Paste elementCtrl+V
Delete elementDel
Rename elementF2
Save changesCtrl+S
Repeat last actionCtrl+Y
Undo last actionCtrl+Z
Open context menuShift+F10
Open model NotebookAlt+Enter
Open object and connector NotebookEnter
Close NotebookEsc
Expand selected groupRight Arrow
Collapse selected groupLeft Arrow

Graphical Editor

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Select allCtrl+A
Select all (including containers)Ctrl+Shift+A
Search in modelCtrl+F
Create relationR
Save asCtrl+Shift+S
Remove selected object from the modelDel
Remove selected object from the model and Object CatalogueShift+Del
Move selected objects on the drawing areaArrow keys
Move selected objects to the front/backCtrl+Shift + Page up/down
Switch between drawing right-angled connectors or straight connectorsCtrl+#
Enable or disable the Hover Modelling AssistantCtrl+Shift+H
Display or hide page breaksCtrl+Alt+P
Display or hide page numbersCtrl+Alt+N

Translation Editor

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Switch between tree and attributesCtrl+Enter
Expand selected node in the treeRight Arrow
Collapse selected node in the treeLeft Arrow
Navigate in tree and attributesCtrl+Up Arrow/Down Arrow
Filter translated elementsCtrl+F
Save translationCtrl+S
Select an element in the element explorer and jump to the attribute area / Select an attribute for translation and jump to the translation areaEnter
Leave the translation area and jump to the attribute area / Leave the attribute area and jump to the element explorer:Esc

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

Switch between Dark and Light Mode

In the online help, you can choose between light and dark mode to help you more easily read text:

  • Click the Switch between dark and light mode button at the top of the page.