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Version: 13.0

The ADONIS 13.0 Administration Manual

Welcome to the ADONIS Help. ADONIS is the multilingual Business Process Management Toolkit of the BOC Group.

ADONIS provides among other things a wide range of functionality in the following operational areas: business process optimisation in accordance with the conceptual approaches of business process re-engineering (BPR) and continuous improvement, quality management, controlling, personnel management, organisation management and information management.

Use ADONIS either out-of-the-box (ADONIS standard configuration) or expand it to fit your individual needs (ADONIS customising - "tailoring").

About this Manual#

In the following documentation you find instructions on how to use the manifold functions of the Administration Toolkit and the Admin Page:

  • Quick Start

    This part of the manual contains use case descriptions that will help you quickly learn about the most important product functions.

  • The ADONIS Administration Toolkit

    This part of the manual contains information about the structure, tool components and general functions of the Administration Toolkit.

  • ADONIS Web Client Administration

    The administrative tools of the ADONIS web client are not included in the Administration Toolkit. They can be accessed via the Admin Page.

  • Appendix

    This part of the manual contains, among others, an overview of the available functions to manage the Administration Toolkit, a glossary and a description of the available start parameters.

Other Manuals#

For questions about the installation of ADONIS, please refer to the Installation Manual.

For questions about using the ADONIS web client, please refer to the User Manual.