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Synchronise Process Attributes: Mapped Elements

This section describes the attributes and relations that will be covered when you enable synchronisation between a Process and a Business Process Diagram .

Synchronised Attributes

Here are the synchronised attributes, grouped by Notebook chapters:

Chapter "General Information"

  • Description

  • External process

  • Aim

  • Trigger

  • Result

  • Scope - description

Chapter "Classification"

  • Process type

  • Business value

  • Key process

Chapter "Process automation"

  • Predictability

  • Complexity

  • Process frequency

  • Automation potential

  • Automation costs

  • Automation benefits

  • Process instantiation

  • Running process instances (Monitoring)

Chapter "Potential and maturity analysis"

  • Cost efficiency

  • Cycle time

  • Quality

  • Customer satisfaction

  • IT support

  • Compliance

  • Risk management

  • Process management maturity

  • Potential and maturity analysis (as-is average)

  • Comment regarding as-is assessment

Chapter "Input/Output"

  • Input - quality requirements

  • Output - quality requirements

Chapter "Documents"

  • Terms, abbreviations - link to external document

  • Terms, abbreviations

Chapter "Continuous improvement"

  • Critical success factors

  • Process indicators

  • Suggestion for improvement

  • Action required

  • Reason

Chapter "Attachments"

  • Links

Synchronised Relations

Here are the synchronised relations, grouped by Notebook chapters:


If a relation has a Notebook, and attributes in this Notebook (= relation attributes) are synchronised as well, they are listed indented below the relation.

Chapter "General Information"

  • Label

  • Scope

Chapter "Organisation"

  • Process owner

  • Process manager

  • Methodical reviewer

  • Process analyst/designer

Chapter "Input/Output"

  • Input

  • Output

Chapter "Systems/Products"

  • Referenced applications/IT system elements

  • Technical resources

Chapter "Documents"

  • Referenced documents

Chapter "Customers/Suppliers"

  • Process customers. The following attribute of this relation is synchronised as well:

    • Chapter "General Information": Requirements
  • Process suppliers. The following attribute of this relation is synchronised as well:

    • Chapter "General Information": Requirements

Chapter "Continuous improvement"

  • Has Performance Indicator

Chapter "Compliance"

  • Assigned control objectives. The following attributes of this relation are synchronised as well:

    • Chapter "General Information": Description, Action required and Reason

    • Chapter "Maturity assessment": As-is maturity level and To-be maturity level

Chapter "Risks"

  • Assigned risks

Chapter "Controls"

  • Implemented controls