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Version: 16.0

The "Control & Release" Scenario

The purpose of the "Control & Release" scenario is to let you review and release objects with a single click.


The "Control & Release" scenario is only avalaible if the EA workflow is enabled.

 The "Control & Release" Scenario

What you will see on the "Control & Release" start page

The start page has the following appearance:

  • Review and release your EA objects with a single click

    Review and release objects. The Control & Release dashboard will show you all repository objects with transitions that you can execute.

Additional Options

The toolbar at the top of the screen provides access to some of the most used features in ADOIT:

  • Find

    Open the Explorer and the search function in ADOIT. Multiple search and filtering options help you quickly find the artefact you are looking for.

"Control & Release" Dashboard

This area lists all repository objects for which you can execute a transition. The objects are grouped by status and sorted alphabetically.

Object Release

You can release objects quickly. In order to execute a transition:

  1. In the Actions column, click the Show actions link to display all available transitions.

  2. Click the appropriate icon.

Filter Architecture Elements (All/My)

You can switch between displaying All or My architecture elements (= objects). For details, please refer to the section Filter Objects by Responsibility (All/My).

Filter Architecture Elements by Object Type

In order to only display objects of a certain type:

  1. Click the Object type filter button .

  2. Select the object types which should be visible in ADOIT.

  3. Click Apply.

Filter Architecture Elements by State

In order to filter objects by state:

  • Click the icons , or .

You can show or hide objects in the state "Draft", "Under review" or "To be deleted".