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Version: 16.0 (Preview)

ADONIS 16.0 Administration Help (Rich Client)

Welcome to the ADONIS Help. ADONIS is the multilingual Business Process Management Toolkit of the BOC Group.


ADONIS provides among other things a wide range of functionality in the following operational areas: business process optimisation in accordance with the conceptual approaches of business process re-engineering (BPR) and continuous improvement, quality management, controlling, personnel management, organisation management and information management.

Use ADONIS either out-of-the-box (ADONIS standard configuration) or expand it to fit your individual needs (ADONIS customising - "tailoring").

About this Manual

In the following documentation you find instructions on how to use the Administration Toolkit:

  • Quick Start

    This part of the manual contains use case descriptions that will help you quickly learn about the most important product functions.

  • The ADONIS Administration Toolkit

    This part of the manual contains information about the structure, tool components and general functions of the Administration Toolkit.

  • Appendix

    This part of the manual contains, among others, an overview of the available functions to manage the Administration Toolkit, a glossary and a description of the available start parameters.

Other Manuals

For questions about administering ADONIS from your browser, please refer to the Administration Help (Web Client).

For questions about installing ADONIS, please refer to the Installation Manual.

For questions about using the ADONIS web client, please refer to the User Manual.