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Properties macro

The Properties macro of the ADONIS Process Manager for Confluence enables you to display ADONIS object and model attributes and relations as tables.

With the Properties macro you can:

  • Display notebook-like details about your object or model in Confluence
  • Configure which attributes and relations should be displayed for each macro separately
  • Access a model or object in ADONIS from your Properties macro in Confluence
  • Build comprehensive documentation by combining the Model Viewer Macro and the Properties macro to form custom dashboards

How to use the Properties macro

Add a macro to a Confluence page

While editing a Confluence page, type /adonis and select the ADONIS Properties macro.

Select ADONIS Model Viewer macro

A configuration dialogue opens. Here you can search for a specific object or model name, or select an object or model in the explorer view on the left of the configuration dialogue.

After selecting an object or model, you can select the attributes and relations that shall be added to the visualization of this Properties macro.

To display a different content language of the model, available languages can be selected. If no model language is selected, the default language of your Confluence instance is used.

When you are done configuring your Properties, click Insert. In case you want to change the visualization later, the Properties configuration can be adjusted at any time while editing your Confluence page.

Model Viewer configuration dialogue

View options

The Properties macro is displayed as an interactive table with attributes and relations of ADONIS objects and models. By clicking on a blue relation, the notebook of this object or model is opened in ADONIS.

To open the notebook of the object or model that has been selected for this Properties macro directly in ADONIS, click the Open in ADONIS button.

The refresh button on the top right corner renews the displayed contents of the Properties macro, for example if the language has been changed.

View macro

Of course, the Properties and the Model Viewer Macro can be combined to create powerful dashboards with all necessary information at a glance.

Properties and model viewer